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5.1 channels Power Amplifier DA5250/DA5350

▼5.1 channels professional power amplifier with traditional transformer. Independent research and development, with internal structure patents, suitable for high standards Karaoke& Cinema system. ▼ Low-frequency thick and elastic, medium frequency sweet and sleek, and high frequency clear and delicate. High efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, long service life. ▼Enough power for a variety of harsh environments, AP audio tester for comprehensive parametric testing. ▼H class topology, original structural design, perfect and overall protection: Soft Start of Switch On, protection for Over Load, Overheating, Short Circuit, Direct Current Output, Peak Limiter, Intelligent cutting peak and so on. ▼Silent fan, intelligent variable speed, full-speed air-cooled thermal control circuit to provide better cooling effect; ▼ AI plug-in Machine, and automated SMT placement process to strictly control the consistency of product.