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Multi-channel Power Amplifier A5 A7

▼Adoption of the design of full discrete semiconductor made wide frequency response and less intermodulation distortion; ▼Adoption of small loop negative feedback technique eliminates transient intermodulation distortion; ▼Design of common emitter common base circuit makes the frequency band of amplifier wider and more balanced, low-frequency thick and elastic, medium frequency smooth and high frequency delicate and structured; ▼Adoption of electronic acceleration technology reduces switch distortion of amplifier tube to several order of magnitudes, obviously reduces switch distortion and crossover distortion; ▼Adoption of a group power supply, reduces the power intermodulation distortion of internal resistance constant and made the damping coefficient constant, improves the switching rate of amplifying circuit which made stronger adaptive capacity of load fluctuation, rising to the occasion of different calibers and brands of trumpet and soundbox which in high performance; ▼Adopt A class work mode for electric current level drive, AB class work mode for output level reduces switch distortion and crossover distortion and makes tone chacacteristic tends to A class sweet ; ▼Adoption of full-featured protective circuit and current foldback circuit and load impedance detection circuit,makes protecitve more accurately. ▼ Adoption of specialzied electrolytic capacitor of filter, makes less power intermodulation distortion and lower internal resistance. ▼Adoption of 500W EI power transformer H18/0.35 silicon steel sheet and oxygen-free copper paint covered wire to ensure,less internal resistance, more energy and lower operating temperature