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Digital Karaoke & Cinema Decoder CK3000

▼ 5 inches color touch screen with 65.5K pixel and 800*480 resolution. Easy and intuitive to operate the device by touching the screen. ▼ Professional KTV Reverb, 3-Band PEQ for Effect, 4-Level Feedback Elimination for MIC to avoid feedback effectively. ▼ 4 in 2 out HDMI audio and video interfaces, coaxial and optical audio digital inputs as well as Record output. ▼ Support DOLBY、DTS 7.1 channels Decoding ▼ Parameters for two-way MIC can be adjusted independently, 13-Band PEQ for Music and Mic respectively. ▼ Functions for Output channels:5-Band PEQ, input selecting and Mixing ratio,Polarity, Delay, Limiter, Gain. ▼ Professional DSP chips, 400MHz main frequency, 32-Bit floating point arithmetic, 48KHz Sampling frequency and 24-Bit A/D&D/A converter ▼ With multiple interfaces such as USB, RS232,LAN and WiFi to connect to external devices. Controlled by PC software or iPad/iPhone App. ▼ 20 groups of parameter settings to Save/Load, including 10 groups of presetting parameters and 10 groups of user settings. ▼ 2 Levels Panel Lock function to avoid unwanted or unauthorized use of the device.