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Digital Karaoke & Cinema Decoder CK500

▼Unprecedented integrated design of Home theater and Karaoke. Support DOLBY5.1、HD、DTS decoding. Professional KTV effect, 5.1 channels outputs. ▼Digital audio processing system. Stereo DSP multiple digital reverb. More professional MIC effect. ▼3 in 1 out HDMI audio/video interfaces. Support optical and coaxial digital audio inputs. ▼2" LCD color screen with dynamic lights which shows parameters in Chinese or English, 4-Way navigation controller, easy and quick to operate. ▼Limiter function for MIC inputs can avoid cracking sound effectively. 4 levels Feedback elimination. ▼ 16-Band PEQ for music. Dual 16-Band PEQ for MIC. Noise Gate, HPF/LPF. ▼ Functions for Effect: HPF/LPF, Reverb, Echo, 3-Band PEQ. ▼Functions for Main output/Center/Subwoofer: 5-Band PEQ, HPF/LPF, Input selecting and Mixing ratio, Polarity, Delay, Limiter and Gain. ▼ Equipped with ADI chip, professional 400 MHz main frequency, 32-bit high speed DSP processor, 48KHz sampling frequency, 24-Bit A/D and D/A converter. ▼Controlled by PC software via USB. ▼Support controlling the device via Infrared interface ▼12 groups of settings for Load / Save, the boot data is the last saved parameters. ▼2 Levels Panel Lock functions to avoid unwanted or unauthorized use of the device.