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SK1 Intelligent Control System

SK1 SAVC ◎ To adopt advanced technology integration, to provide the accurate concentration of control environment, provide a wide range of programmable control interface, to complete the lighting control, electric projection screen and the lifting of the curtain, audio and video source control level after the host, and other equipment. ◎ It also supports the control of external central control, touch screen, computer, network, wall panel T1/ T2, etc. ◎ Support a key linkage control management function, pure Chinese interface, concise and easy to operate. ◎ 8 channels R232/R485/R422 port, for output input serial data. ◎ 8-channel digital IO interface, receiving TTL level signal of external equipment or output TTL level signal. ◎ Infrared output port can output 38K carrier infrared data and control the infrared remote control equipment. ◎ RJ45 Ethernet interface supports TCP/IP protocol. ◎ The panel is equipped with 8 220V power supply switches, each of which individually LED instructions. ◎ SK1 supports multi-point timing switch to make the device more intelligent. T1 ◎ 5-inch 65.5K pixel color screen, 800*480 resolution capacitor touch screen display, menu interface full touch operation, Chinese and English optional, simple and intuitive. ◎ Use serial communication or wireless WIFI communication to connect with intelligent control host sk1. ◎ It can control the intelligent control host, controlled audio and video source, power supply manager, electric curtain, electric projection screen and light.