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Cinema & Karaoke Speaker T108/110

▼ For families, enterprises and institutions, multi-function hall, club, volume type room and the development of a multifunctional speaker system, can satisfy the HIFI room listening to music, singing karaoke, large dynamic DISCO dance music, games, such as multi-functional purposes; ▼ This compact speaker is designed for high fidelity and high power output, with high power output, flexible installation features, stylish appearance and high cost performance. ▼ The speaker adopts invert-er type trapezium design, dynamic, low distortion, meet the dynamic needs of all kinds of films, real reduction with moving audio-visual room reverberation process and the combination of presence, let a person see; ▼ Support for aerial installation, have installed point on the box body back panels, installed in the ceiling allows the use of multiple perspectives aiming at stent, pre-installed speaker terminal hardware allowing a wall-mounted installation mode, quickly and easily support 23 ° 15 ° or downward Angle.