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How the Steel was Tempered—ZONGSON HOME Intelligent Amusement AV Center KH-7002


Accompanied by the rapid developing of the substantial and cultural life of general public, consumers have heightened the level for the pursuit of home amusement and enjoyment. Playing games, watching movies and singing songs with a large screen have been taking a dominant place in contemporary days and even will be in a long period in the future. To meet the market’s demand, German ZONGSON has built a dedicated KH-7002 home intelligent amusement AV center. It is an integrated multiple functional device combined with preamp, audio decoding, amplification for home use, which hugely differs it from the traditional power amplifiers. The adding of Karaoke, movie, game function perfectly integrates the entire home amusement system.

All aluminum alloy casting texture exterior

At the first sight, you will find the outline design of the home intelligent amusement AV center KH-7002 extremely concise,compact. The entire body made by silver white aluminum alloy gives it a delicate texture. And when holding on hands, it will be felt marvelous. During the entire building process, ZONGSON had proposed various scheme for the material design. The difficulty of technique for all-aluminum body is far beyond other ordinary materials, and of course the cost is also relatively higher. But, for the sake of pursuing for a higher standard texture, even just to achieve a more elegant appearance, ZONGSON finally chose the concise and intuitive exterior design

Except for a power button, only a 5 inch high resolution 480*854 IPS capacitor touch screen is placed on the faceplate of KH-7002.On the touch screen, we have 8 options, eg: KTV, Movie, TV, GAMES, CD and so on. Merely by slightly touching, the wanted mode can be switched to, which is absolutely intuitive and user-friendly, and the same for the setting of volume or other effects. By utilizing remote control or cellphone APP with wireless control,it can be even more convenient. On the backsides of the case lies various well-proportioned ports. WIFI information interface antenna and MIC antenna located on the upper left, on one hand for better signal receiving, and the other for avoiding interference with cables of other ports.



Accomplish 7.1 self-decoding4 in 2 out HDMI AV port  


KH-7002 is built based on DSP full digital audio system. As the most important part of home theater, KH7002 is extraordinary in the ability of decoding. It can automatically recognize DOLBY, DTS-HD, DTS 7.1 theater decoding function and compatible for all format. Besides, the support for 3D resource enables you to enjoy an experience of theater 3D stereo effect just at home.




For ports,KH-7002 provide 4 in 2 out HDMI AV ports, at the same time it also provides abundant other digital input ports, including optical and coaxial ports, makes it easy to connect to game console, TV or other video devices. Since KH-7002 itself does not have the function of restore, we add an additional USB port, though which files in external hard disk or USB stick can be read and played. Any format of audio file is supported. Besides, KH-7002 also supports RS232、LAN and wireless, as well as WIFI interface controlprofessional dedicated PC software and iPad/iPhone wireless control.


Conquer multiple technical difficulties, achieve intelligent internet of things


There is no doubt that the comprehensive function of KH-7002 is based on the innovative and advanced research ability, for example, the stability of network and overcoming the crash of the device,so you can imagine how much technical difficulties we need to conquer. For accomplishing wireless pushing for music, KH-7002 adopted wireless pushing dedicated chip. No matter apple IOS system or Android system cellphone can play music directly in the environment of WIFI with an excellent adaptability. Compared to ordinary Bluetooth function, WIFI connection has a wider coverage, not just within few meters.


Wireless music push


Except for this, KH-7002 can also be controlled by Cellphone APP through wireless remote control, no matter on the couch of sitting room or back in your living room, you can switch movie, music mode or adjust volume, select songs, pause and stop.


The drive ability of KH-7002 is also outstanding, with the impedance of 8Ω, 120W output power consumption can be provided by each channel. Through repeatedly test, 120W power consumption is found to be the most suitable for home use. No matter for wall-mount or grandfather loudspeakers, KH-7002 can well exert its drive ability of low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio. 


Built-in two ways two mics, karaoke reverb effect


For the vast majority of integrated devices, the mic function will not be added in, because the more function, the more likelihood for occurring of problem. It is widely known that compared to the other devices microphone is easier to get damaged or burned. Of course, it is only a problem for products of low quality, high quality products will not have such kind of issue. Rely on long-term reach and accumulative technologies, ZONGSON has overcame the difficulties of interference and flaw in stability during the long-distance wireless transmission. KH-7002 is equipped withwireless two ways two mics, and karaoke reverb effect. Singing becomes rather easy and relax. The main system chip is the M4 kernel STM32F429IGT6, the main frequency is as high as 180MHz.What is more, our KH-7002 has pass the national standard GB/8898 Safety Standard, it is guaranteed with a high reliability and safety.



Elaborate material chosen, Quality first – Spirit of German Craftsman, Details determines everything  


For the transformer, KH-7002 adopted 300 W EI power transformer H18/0.35 Silicon lamination and high purity oxygen free copper enameled wirewhich add it the features of lower impedance, powerful energy, stronger ability of undertaking overdrive and it effectively blocks the interference from the power grid. It has overwhelming advantages against the R type and circle type transformer, the adaptability is wider, the bass sound is thick and rich, the middle is clear and distinct, the treble is clear and delicate.


Audiophile level audio dedicated electrolysisis adopted for the power filter, broad band low distortion ultrahigh speed stabilized voltage supply. To reduce the interference and distortion from the cables, no cable is adopted for power, signal and output. As is known, although the distortion of A type power amplifier is extremely low, but it’s power consumption is large; B type power amplifier is just on the contrary, low power consumption but high distortion. But the design of AB type has given a consideration to both advantages of A type and B type power amplifier. So, for efficiency and fidelity, it is better than A and B type power amplifer.KH-7002 just adopted the design with the AB type scheme, really low distortion and good sound quality.

On the right of the backside lies the ports for loudspeaker. ZONGSON attached great importance in choosing the phoenix head. Form research to test, we have changed multiple schemes, in the end, in order to adapt to the tendency of development, thespecially customized small-scale port is adopted,not only easy to install but also effectively promoted the sound qualitywith an extremely low impedance.


                                                                               Specially customized Phoenix port,Aluminum alloy anti-vibration foot



Rational layout of the case and Line architecture  


As a multifunctional integrated home theater and amusement device combined with decoding, amplifier and microphones, means its inner components is very complicated. But the German ZONGSON intelligent made KH-7002 has made all the components structure rather clear. Except for the pursuit of the manufacturing details, German product also concentrate on the choosing of inner raw material, line designing and the layout. Relay on modularized design,and the principle of reducing the cables and shortening the signal transmission route as much as possible, KH-7002 takes full use of the inner space, which makes the case able to contain more different circuits. All the circuit modules are fixed on the clapboard of the case, whichlargely reduced the risk of being impacted by the environment vibration.The most sensitive preamp circuit is separated away from the power transformer,so as to makes it possible to support the coaxial and optical input with a 24bit/192Kh sampling frequency. The route for power transmission is also extremely short, the power transformer, filter capacitor and power transistor are closely connected,the power efficiency is higher. Every digital input port has the isolation design,ensures the sound quality not be impacted by the influence of the noise from the grand circuit and the transformer .


Clean and delicate sound, exceeds home use   


Soon after KH-7002 was developed out, it was moved to the ZONGSON experience center by engineers to make all kinds of test. As a product developed for home use,the professional sound it presentsfar exceeds the home use. Successively play the two blockbusters《Jupiter Ascending》and《Transformers 2》,the sound from the fighting paragraph is quite vivid,the surrounded sound makes your feel like in the scene,shaking but not sharp,the performance of the bass sound is surprising. After an ideal test on the movie effect is made, the mode is switched into KTV, sing a song of《Broken heart》by Jacky Cheung with the dedicated wireless microphone for KH-7002,the sound structure is compact,and in nice cohesion. The low frequency is thick, stable and elastic, the medium frequency is bright and sweet, the high frequency is delicate and structed,which makes your ears feel more comfortable and not easy get tired.During the entire testing,the sound quality of this multifunctional integrated device is not impacted by the diverse functions at all, conversely it act as well as the HIFI level power amplifier A7:professional and low distortion. 


All-in-one multifunctionenjoy the leisure time of home amusement  


KH-7002 is a product aimed at the Hi-End market, but with a price of Mid-End.In the time of pursuing extreme, KH-7002 on one hand gives consideration to all different functions,on the other hand also looks into the customer experience and the quality, to bring the general public an enjoyment of HI-End product. Naturally, for the family with limited consuming ability, too much cost on entertainment consumption will give a certain burden to them,so the aim of KH-7002 is affordable for the vast majority of people. With a reasonable price, the common working-class family can easily afford.




There is no doubt that the KH-7002 home intelligent amusement AV center brings the general public a brand-new way of experiencing home entertainment. Due to the perfect depth-in integration of the system, not only is the room saved, but also for various kinds of cables, and the trouble of not knowing how to match different kinds of devices will not exist. Only by connecting cellphone, USB stick or other players, you can enjoy the leisure time of home entertainment easily and freely.